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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - Lewis Carroll I first read this story because of my 9th grade English Teacher. He was this weird guy who told us to 'find all the funny places'. Not analyse the story, not try and understand every single word. No, find the funny paragraphs, the funny words (he had a blast about curiouser and curiouser). He was fired before we finished the story though. He was not such a great teacher, but he was a nice person.

I like Alice In Wonderland. I did give it 3 stars, which does in fact mean that I liked it. I found it entertaining, and I have re-read the story a few times throughout the years. However, what I think I like more than the story itself is the whole idea about Wonderland. It is not necessarily that I adore Alice - I find her quirky and peculiar, sometimes a little odd but enjoyable enough to be inside the head of, but what really makes me re-read the story is that Wonderland is such a fantastical country. And I think that that is the legacy from the story that Lewis Caroll leaves behind.

Sure, there are awesome characters in the book too. Who can hate the mad-hatter, who just continus his teaparty no matter what? And why did not laugh a little at the Red Queen? I've also already said that Alice was indeed interesting enough, and the writing stile is suitable for smaller children while adult can enjoy it as well.