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Point Blank - Anthony Horowitz That ending was badass. I'm just saying.

Point Blanc stepped up one notch from Stormbreaker. Where in Stormbreaker Alex Rider started out being innocent and just a normal school boy, and ended up as a boy interested in spy work, in Point Blanc he changes so much more. I won't say how because it will spoil everything, but it is visible, and it I am looking very much forward to seeing how he will change over the course of the books.

Alex started out with being the same boy as we left - interested in being a spy and not really able to forget what he has been through. He was having a hard time concentrating in school because really, when having been through the adventure he has, it must be hard to go back to school. So when M16 calls for him again he ends up saying yes, even though the assignment signs boring and they must use a little blackmail. In the end he probably wouldn't have been able to say no - he was practically calling for a new adventure, and boy do he get one.

He has to pretend to be David Friend, a man with a lot of money's son, and go to the prestigious finishing school for rich and famous people's delinquent sons. But something is wrong in there, and Alex senses it from day one, starting with that there are way too many guards with guns for a school with only seven students, and that two of the four floors are totally closed for the boys. Also the fact that the supposed drug taking, stealing boys all behave like angels except for one.

It was quite easy to guess what was going on, and that is also why I'm only giving it four stars. There was a chapter where Alex wasn't awake, but we heard about what happened, and it have way too much away. Combined with the name Gemini, it all became way too easy to figure everything out ahead of Alex. But even though, the plot advanced nicely and there really wasn't any time to be bored. Alex really had an adventure this time, and there was action all of the time and really, how badass isn't it to use an ironing board as a sort of snowboard? I mean come on, seriously, that was so badass! I personally was hooked from page one. Of course there wasn't that much happening in the beginning because the book and Alex as a person had to be introduced, but after just a few pages the action suddenly stars and it just doesn't stop again. There are few moments where you as a reader can relax, and that was just so nice. I like action-packed books if they are written nicely and the pace is well-done and this one excelled at just that.

The prose was great. I never found anything awkward. It is clear that it's written for teenagers but that was to be expected, so nothing bad to say about that.

Overall, I really liked this book and am looking very much forward to reading Skeleton Key!