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I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore I think that the plot behind this book was great. I liked the plot most of the time - not too fast paced but still enough action, time to get to know John before the action really started kicking in and time to get to know the background. Some of the plot twists were kinda predictable, but some of them were okay. The ending surprised me, though I fear that the new character who is introduced in the end (wont say who, it would spoil a lot if you haven't read the book), may be too strong a character, but let's see what happens in the next books.

I also found John a great character. He had just the right feelings for his home-planet, and just the right feelings for the Earth. He didn't hate that he was here, but he didn't hate his own home either. As a person he also seemed decent, good.

The writing style... wasn't really the best. Some unnecessary things were just being dragged on and on and on, and sometimes it felt like the authors just sprinted ahead and didn't gave some of the more interesting things enough attention. Also... the romance. It became stuffy to write about. It was way too... too much. I don't think I can describe it any other way. It was just too much. I hadn't expected that much romance of this book, and I found it to sometimes be the plot instead of the real plot. And that is not a good thing. At least I don't think the romance was supposed to be the main plot. But it overpowered everything sometimes, and it was waaaaay to cheesy to hear about how John and Sarah sometimes called each other if none of them could sleep, just to hear each other breath. Seriously. Also, the fact that they toke the pseudonym of the character in the book... well, they might think it was quite funny, I just thought it to be stupid.

I might have given this a lower score, had it not been for one other thing. Brace yourself for Sam Goode. Sam is an Alien Nerd with capital A and N. He believes in them, even though everybody else seems to think he's crazy. He actually believes his father was abducted by an alien. As stupid as this might sound, Sam as a character, just worked. He was cute, he was weird, he was funny and he was totally badass and an amazing friend. Sam is in some ways a very cliché nerd, but in other ways he's just... so Sam. And I loved him for being Sam. I think Sam was a cute, spunky and totally interesting character, and he was what kept me going through the cheesy romance.

I should also credit the dog, even though it was quite easy to see him for what he was, even when John didn't it was quite obvious, but still, he was cute and I liked him. So, credit to him, too.