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Haven - Kristi Cook My opinion on this novel changed a lot through reading it. Well, but I should probably start with the beginning.

Violet has lost her mother and her father, the only people she's got left are her gran and her stepmother whom she loves. One day her stepmother gets a new job in New York, and Violet is forced to make a hard decision: To stay with her gran or to go to New York with her stepmother. To Violet the decision is hard but easy - her gran is too old. So she decides to go with her stepmother. Patsy - her stepmother - enrolles her in Wintherhaven. Actually, Violet insists. She's really intuitive and she's got a feeling about that school.

Wintherhaven isn't just your normal school. Everybody at the school has some kind of powers, or gifts/talents as they like to call them. But this is no Harry Potter story. Using your gifts in a lesson is strictly against the CoPA (if i remember correct). It just happens that everybody has them.

Violet isn't soon to find new friends. Her roommate seems nice, and then there's Sophie who's actually one of her roommate, Cece's, friends, together with two other girls. But Violet isn't soon either to get her eyes open for Aiden, the school's hottest guy, and for some reason, even though everybody swears he has never looked twice at a girl, he seems to be into her too. But one moment he pushes her away, and next he seems like he really likes her. Violet is confused, and seeing as her gift is visions, and she keeps on getting visions involving Aiden and blood, she has enough on her plate already.

Okay, so, the story... it's so hard to actually describe how it made me feel, because sometimes I felt like it was a good book, and at other times, everything seemed way too obvious. It didn't took me a long time to guess what Aiden's big secret was, and neither did it took me long to figure out the bad guy. I saw most of the plot twists a long time before they came. And the main character felt really thick and stupid at times. Some things just toke her way too long, it was like somebody was waving the evidence in front of her, and she still pointed at the wrong suspect. She was really clueless half of the time about... well, everything. At some points she was annoying too, mostly when thinking about Aiden. She was either totally in love and couldn't get enough of him, or she was thinking he didn't love her. But when together with her friends she actually felt kind of natural.

Also, I liked her friends. Cece won me over with her bunnyslippers, Sophie seemed nice most of the time, and I also liked the rest of her friends. So it was cool that way. Violets relationship with Aiden is a totally different story. In the beginning it felt cute and totally okay, even though she did the cliché thing and fell for him after what, a week? At least she herself could see it was weird, but it didn't excuse it. But year, stargazing, that was cute. But then, everything became sort of weird. Violet became extremely jealous at about everything, and continuously suspected him of not liking her.

But, the plot was nice. It was perfectly fitted with the right amount of excitement and then more slow-paced things, to even everything out. The end came a bit too late, I think, and the action didn't take enough time, but it was okay and fast passed, and made my heart raise a little, so that's good. And I'll certainly be reading the next book, because I hope, and suppose, that there will be more than this one. And I really, really hope that the author doesn't pull the same card that almost all other paranormal romance authors do, make the couple break up in the second book, because the guy is soo dangerous and he just wants to protect the girl, or because they somehow disagree about something. Anyway, she kinda already pulled that card already. But yeah, I think she can make the next book really interesting, I just hope there will be less weird-romance. I'm babbling. So I'll just stop this now. Yeah ><