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The Subtle Knife - Philip Pullman I have loved this book since I was a child. I remember reading it when I was only six, and I remember not understanding everything, but still enjoying myself. Now I am an adult I have grown and I now understand this book on a whole other level, but I am still enjoying myself as much as when I was six.

I love both Lyra and Will. They were great characters and it was fantastic to see how their worlds blended together. In the beginning I only enjoyed watching through Lyra's eyes. She was the character I knew and the one I felt most connected to, but I think the author did a splendid job of presenting Will to us. The boy who got involved in things he didn't know anything about. He was a welcome character, and I started to like him. It was also so nice to see how their friendship developed, and the idea behind the knife was amazing. I love every bit of these books, and I probably will forever.