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Fairy Bad Day - Amanda Ashby Once upon a time a gate to another universe opened, and monsters started to come into our world. And they killed. Luckily for us, a man closed the gate and only 12 different kinds of monsters escaped into our world. Now, those who can see them must hunt them down and try to kill them in order to protect us who can not see them.

Emma Jones has always known she was going to become a dragon slayer. Her mom was one, she has hunted dragon almost as long as she has been walking and she has gotten the best results in class by far. She was born to hunt dragons.

Until she is not.

With her designation stolen from her by Curtis Green, the cute but kind of shy class mate of her's, Emma doesn't know what to do with herself. Her friends try to cheer her up, but when her job consists of hunting small irritating flying fairies with a fondness for scittles, life is hard. Her world is falling apart. Especially since she, the great dragon-hunter, can't even seem to kill the small stupid fairies.

That is, until their big brother comes decides to visit.

The small fairies may seem harmless - irritating, sure, but harmless nonetheless, but the big fairy is anything but harmless. Problem is, nobody can see it, and nobody seems to take Emma serious when she tells them about it. That is but Curtis Green, the same guy who stole her designation.

This book was a cute read. It is one of those books that is just perfect for a lovely summer day or (because the summer unfortunately is almost over), a rainy autumn day where you don't have anything else to do but read a book. It is not a book where you need your brain, and the prose is great and without thesaurus rape which makes it a quick read.

The characters are likable. Sure, Emma and Curtis fall too fast in love, but it's hard to find a book where the main characters doesn't fall in love in a matter of days (if not seconds). At least there is no love triangle, which makes me happy. It may only be me, but I'm kind of tired of the endless love triangles. Most of them are the same anyway and too overdone, so I was happy to see that this wasn't one of these books.

Emma was a great main character. Sure, she whines about not getting her designation, but she is strong and doesn't stand around and wait for a man to save her. She also tries to do something instead of just moping around, being sad about not having gotten dragons. Nobody knows much about how to slay fairies, so she has to invent slaying methods by herself.

The story started out slowly, but soon the events came at a nice pace. It was never that boring that I had to put the book down and do something else, but it wasn't too action packed either, which was a good thing. There is no big info-dumps where the reader gets all the answers - we have to look for them together with Emma. The plot twists were predictable but the book was all in all quite predictable. Few surprises waited, but it was okay, because I never expected this book to make me think.

The world was awesome. Seriously. I would like to read a more serious book about this world. And in greater detail, thank you, especially focusing on the classes, the history… But I digress.