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Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay Anybody from Denmark? No? Yes? Then, have you ever heard about Solvang? Now, I live in Los Angeles, so people have told me about it countless of times "Have you heard about Solvang? It's the…", "Denmark you say? Then, do you know about Solvang?" Okay, maybe not. But some people have told me about it. The thing about Solvang is, that it is a Danish founded village around 30 miles out of Santa Barbara in California. They have traditional Danish restaurants, they celebrate 'Julefest' and a lot of people have Danish last names. I have never myself visited Solvang, so this is only things people have told me.

And why am I rambling about Solvang? Because that's where Juliet Immortal is set. In Solvang.

I do not really have much other comments about this book apart from that I was disappointed. It was not what I expected at all. I still love Stacey Jay's The Locket, but Juliet Immortal was too… yeah, you will have to read it to understand me.