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The Sea of Monsters  - Rick Riordan This is the second book in the series, and it picks up about a year after the first book ended. Percy finally has only one day left of school - and he haven't been kicked out yet! For him, that is quite an accomplishment, but of course things are going to go wrong... And if an exploding gym was not bad enough, there are trouble at camp. Thalia's three has been poisoned and is in need of healing, but the only thing that could possibly help has been lost for millennia.

The book picks up just as strong as the first book did. The plot was filled with action and was just as excellent a pacing as the first book, which was wonderful. The narrative is still just as relatable as in the first book, but you can feel that Percy has grown a little. It is not all that clear, but it is there and that is enough. Also, I think it became a bit more descriptive - not much, but still enough for me to note a change. Apart from that, it was just good old Percy. He still has humor in his narration and it is still held in a light tone which really helps keeping the reader engaged in the story.

There is not much different to say, from what I said about the first book, apart from that I think this was a strong second book. It was cute, quirky and you can see a character development. Being part of Percy's journey offers us a clear insight in him as a person, and it is fun to see how the quests have impact on him. Also, in this book, one of the themes was prejudging, and it was handled quite with excellence. I can really recommend this series for everybody - young and old.