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Uglies: Shay's Story - Scott Westerfeld, Devin Grayson, Steven Cummings An ARC was provided by Del Rey / Spectra Books after winning the Goodreads giveaway.

I must admit that it has been a while since I last read Uglies. So long that when I started reading, I had to try very hard to remember who everybody was. It was hard, but what I did remember was that, in the first book, I did not particularly like Shay.

So, this graphic novel is set from Shay's point of view which I think is amazing. You could easily just have made Uglies into a graphic novel but with it set from Shay's pow, we get new information. It starts out about three months prior to her meeting Tally, and it is about how she as a person deals with at first wanting to become a pretty, till she realizes that pretties are really not special at all, and that even uglies can be pretty - just in an individual way.

I felt that this Graphic Novel let us see a new side of Shay and it made me understand her so much better. She is not just a spoiled kid who is in love with David, she is a complex character who goes through hardship and has to endure other people's judgement of her. I felt that her role as a whole changed for me. Shay is a friendly, nice girl. And because we get to see the book through her eyes, we also understand her much better.

David, though, didn't really do it for me in this book. I liked him a lot more in Uglies, because he seems more cold and distant through these pages. He was there, but he was not what I would expect. I know we see him in a different light, but apart from one scene, I did not really understand why Tally felt for him - there was not really that much of an attraction and I think more pages should have been given to that.

I also missed Tally a bit. Or, at least of seeing how Shay and Tally's friendship bloom. I felt that there were not enough pages given to this.

Apart from that, I would really recommend it to anybody who have read Uglies, especially if you, like me, did not really like Shay that much. You really get a new understanding of how her character works and who she is as a person.