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The Eternal War. Alex Scarrow (Timeriders) - Alex Scarrow I am not into all the gory stuff. That is why I do not read horror books, I do not watch horror movies and I hardly even watch thriller movies. Because I am not into that kind of stuff. I am scared of it. Watching it makes me want to crumble into a little ball, rocking back and forth and mumbling about bumblebees.

Okay, a little overdramatic. My point is, when I read I see the words come alive. They start jumping out at me and transform into pictures. I always image the scenes as if they were really happening, as if I just look up from the words on the page, I will see the characters running around, minding their business. That is also why I have a feeling that I am going to have nightmares tonight, because this book was by far exceeding my normal line of what I can read.

Then again, that I kept on reading is only a show of how great the book is. There were some horrible, horrible descriptions of things that should go unmentioned - things happening, that was just horrendous. Wrong. But this was still a TimeRider book, and it was just as fantastic as the others were. I am, for certain, going to buy the next book and read it the day it launches (which will be soon, yay!)