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You Are So Undead to Me - Stacey Jay I really adored this author's The Locket, as in, adored it. I thought that if that one was that good, some of her other books had to be great. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that way. At least not yet. I've tried Juliet Immortal and now, this series. It's really only on a verge that it gets 2 and a half stars.

In this book, Megan Berry finds herself once again being a kind of zombie psychologist. She has to ask zombies for their statements as to why they do not just stay in the ground, and then take affair, deliver messages and remember to close off the graves to the zombies won't turn bad.
Too bad somebody else decided to turn the zombies bad. And that they seem to be centered around Megan.

I think the prose was one of the things that did it for me. It was too much teen-lingo. There was way too much babbling on Megan's side, so much that she pretty often zoomed out and didn't hear people talking several times, and a lot of the time I thought it was too much information. Some of the things she thought about was repetition after repetition, and I soon got tired of being in her head. She was also too worried about popularity and herself to really spark any interest for me. I never really felt her and could certainly not relate to her. Especially when she started thinking Meghan was behind everything, over-analyzing every single small detail that she did, it drove me crazy.

Apart from Megan being irritating, I never really dug the designated love interest, Ethan. He seemed more like a jerk than a childhood friend to me, talking down to her, calling her things like 'brat' and telling her that she was just a kid. He treats her like she can't do anything, and of course I understand that she was not as old as he was, but she proved several times just what she could do, and he still kept on treating her like a little kid.

But let's go to the thing that I liked, and that kept me interested, enough to let me give this book two and a half star: the idea behind the zombies. Sure, it was a bit tame that zombies came back only to tell people why they were sad (kind of like ghost usually do), but I actually liked it. I found it interesting that they were not only the killer machines that Hollywood makes them out to be, and that there could actually be a bit of humanity left in them. They weren't made to be entirely dumb either, and they actually had stories and backgrounds which only made me like the idea even more. I also liked that they could be turned bad, so that they could still be the zombies that we all are familiar with, but that black magic was needed in order to do that. And since the zombies are the bearing element in the story, it counts for enough to make me higher my rating. Also, the passing of the story is pretty good, there are most of the time something going on, and everything doesn't just come to the heroine, she has to fight to actually go anywhere. Another thing to praise this book for was the parent element. Meghan's parents weren't just observers, they actually cared about their daughter and grounded her, got mad at her and did other realistic things. So, kudos for that.