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The Hollow (Hollow Trilogy) - Jessica Verday Abigail - known as Abbey - is lonely. Her best friend Kristen mysteriously disappeared one night: the only thing the police found were blood on a rock, and they assumed that she had fallen down and drowned, though they never found the body. Everybody in town believes them. That is, but Abbey. Abbey is having a hard time actually believing that her best friend is dead, and she doesn't even want to go to the funeral. She debates with people that Kristen may still be very much alive. She sticks to that hope, and finds resolution through her grief in Caspian, the boy who mysteriously appeared at Kristen's funeral, not knowing her, not knowing her brother, not knowing her family, solely for the purpose that he wants to be there for Abbey.
Sounding cheesy? It get's worse. Because Abbey - for no apparent reason - feels drawn to Caspian, and even though her whole family and other people at school tries to help her, talk to her, she shuts them out and puts on the happy face. Only Caspian gets to see her true grief. But as Abbey falls more and more in love with Caspian, she begins to realize that something is wrong. Why are they always meeting at the Bridge, instead of going on real dates? And why does he seem so distant - always having to excuse himself whenever she feels that they're getting close? And who is the old man who is taking care of the grave of the man who wrote Sleepy Hollows, even though there already is a caretaker?

I found the book to be very boring. There isn't much happening, it all just feels quite monotone. I could forgive it at first - Abbey was indeed grieving over her dead best friend, but she was indeed being a bitch to everybody around her but Caspian. She snaps at others all of the time and react directly rude to people who wants to do nothing but help her. I didn't find Caspian believable either. It just seemed like the author wanted to make this great hot heroic boy and just put him randomly in here. He didn't seem like a real person at all. And the fact that there were so much space between the lines were driving me insane.

But well, it wasn't a book I totally hated, and if you liked Lisa McMann's Wake trilogy, then you'll probably like this one.