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The Broken Lake - Shelena Shorts So, Sophie and Wes are back again in this continuation of The Pace. We meet them about a few weeks (probably), after we left them, and a few things has changed. For one, Sophie's mom suddenly starts behaving like an overprotective hawk, I mean, she wants to urf, be together with Sophie? And Sophie herself also feels changed. She can't stop thinking that she doesn't have that much time left, before she may die. But life goes on, it has to, and Sophie is still very much in love with perfect, nice Wes. Everything is just perfect.
That is, until Chase comes into the picture. Remember the guy from the party in the Pace? The one who looked like he was on something and had needles marks on his arms? Well, me neither, but he's back, and he's gonna make life bittersweet. Sophie can't shake of the feeling that he is up to something bad, and when Wes says that he can feel it to, and that the guy gives a negative vibe, she decides that no way he can be trusted. The fact that he toke over after one of the employees was murdered doesn't change much in his favor either.

I didn't liked Sophie. I know, we've heard it before, I almost never like the heroine, but I think, if i remember correctly, that I had nothing against her in the first book. But she has changed. Instead of being happy about still being alive, Sophie decides to mope around and be sad. Even at times where she's having fun with Wes and where everything generally should be perfect, she still continues to think about sad things. What may be, not what are. But Wes was nice. He was still way too perfect, way too... too much. But he was like that too in the first book, so nothing's changed there, aside from the fact that he AND Sophie decides to try and do a lot of new things. In with the new, out with the old.

The plot... the plot was a bit forced. I still don't understand the fightclub, apart from something that happens in the end. I don't think it's that necessary, it was actually a bit weird, because I would never have imagined Danny taking Sophie and Dawn such a place, but who knows? But apart from that, it was okay. It wasn't that action packed, but a plot doesn't have to be filled with action to work. I would still have liked a bit more, but it was okay. There was way too much kissing and moping around though. And the thing in the ending was not cool. Read the book to figure out what I'm talking about!

All in all the book was okay. it wasn't one of those books you just have to read again, but I'm still glad I read it. I like the writer's writing style, and I loved Sophie's friends, even though a bit things still needs to be explained. But there will be a third book (there has to be, with that cliffhanger ending!), so I hope we will get out answers in that one. I, for one, have to read it.