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Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins I just finished the Maze Runner here the other night, so I was looking for something fluffy. Something that didn't really needed a brain, something I could just read and love. I decided on this book, but I was wrong. I did need a brain to read this book. It was much more complicated than I first thought.

But first a warning: I bought Lola and the Boy Next Door before i bought Anne and the French Kiss. I bought Anne like, the day after I bought Lola because she wasn't where Lola was, but because I bought Lola first, I also decided to read her first. That was a mistake. I already knew that this was a series and that Lola was number two, but I thought that because it changed heroine it wouldn't really matter. I was wrong. Anne is in this book, and for people who want to read both of them, I would recommend reading Anne first. I haven't read it yet, but I if it's only half as good as this one, it should be worth a read.

But now, to the book. I never read chick-lit. Or, at least almost never. Once in a while I'll read a book, but I think the only other chick-lit book I own is "Dash and Lily's Book of Dares" which I adored. But I had heard so much good about these two books, Anne and Lola, that when I saw them I decided to give them a try. And boy was it worth it.

Stephanie Perkins is the kind of author that makes you see the movie instead of reading the words. You know you are reading, but instead of feeling like your eyes are wandering over words, it feels like you are watching a movie. Every single word just comes to life, and there are absolutely none purple-prose, no awkward sentences and no awkward dialog. Everything has a natural feeling and you are easily thrown into Lola's head. She's a heroine with spunk and I loved her for that.

Basically, I loved the whole book. But the thing I loved the most was the romance. God I loved the romance. It was… romantic. And it was not creepy, not too much, not too fast, not dangerous. There was no disrespect, no anti-feminism and the relationship seemed healthy. It was beautiful.