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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa I'm not sure why I rate it three stars. I couldn't finish it. I dislike Ash so much. It was actually quite enjoyable while he was gone, but then he returned and I couldn't do it. I seriously hate to stop in the middle of a book (especially when I'm still plan on reading and buying the next one…), but it was just all too much.

I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed this book if it hadn't been for him. He was just too… too much for me. Seriously. Meghan and Ash know nothing about each other as people. Sure, Meghan knows his sad story about the x, but if I read in a star magazine and read about… let's say Tom Cruise, I can't just walk up to him and expect him to like me, because I know about his personal life. It's the same way I feel about Meghan and Ash. They don't know each other. They know a little about the background, but they seriously don't know who they are as people. I dislike that kind of love, because I just don't know how people can fall in love without knowing each other. If they just had been pen pals for years, I could have excused them, but no, they haven't.

I don't remember disliking Meghan in the first book. I think I thought her to be ok - not special but not too bad either. In this book I started disliking her. I think it started when Ash told her 'I will kill you if my mother orders me', and she was all like 'oh, I know he won't, because he lurves me <3', and then he's acting all cold towards her and she just starts crying. He told you he would kill you Meghan dear - so that he's acting cold towards you is surprising you? It makes you sad? At least he haven't actually killed you yet! I think that probably was the turning point for me. How she reacted. I had hoped for a strong reaction, or that she would use her brain. And then, I was surprised by how fast she forgave him. At first she was all like 'I HATE YOU!', and then he just tells her exactly what all us other people already knew, that he was just trying to protect her, and she forgave him. Instantly. If I had been that sad that somebody was acting like a dickhead towards me, I wouldn't just forgive them instantly. I would probably also be quite suspicious, because who knows where the hell his loyalties lie? But our Meghan doesn't care. She's in lurve! Maybe it's just me. I will admit that I have never been in love, but I just can't believe that people would do things like that. <br/>
I don't even want to talk about Ash. No, I really don't. I think he's stupid. I can see why people would like him, though, I really can! He's the cold, mysterious PRINCE with a sad past and girls just want to help his tortured soul. Of course it doesn't make things worse that he's quite hot. And that he can do magic and seems to be hard to approach. Yeah, I can see the attraction, but if we strip him from all these things and take a look at his personality, I don't know what do say. That he's… weird, would be my way of describing him. I don't know what else to say. He irritates me too much. He's all like 'No, Mab stripped you of your power, you can't do anything!' and then Puck comes and prove him wrong. But I'll be right back at that in a few seconds. Back to Ash. It may be, that I just don't understand him, because I'm not all in for the falling-instantly-in-love thing, but I don't really see much personality other than a son doing his mother's bidding and then, after having declared he would kill her if his mother asked him to, suddenly defies her, then tells Meghan that they can never be together and that he will go back to his mother again. Confusing much? I think so.

But aside from these two, there are good points to this book. This was a long rant, so let's head straight to the positive things!

Aaand... back to Puck. I loved Puck! I don't want to think of him as the real Robin, because I just don't see Robin having the appearance of a teenager and falling in love with one of the characters and such, but I just imagine him as Puck instead. A teenage faery. That's so much easier. And then, I love him. Whenever he and Meghan talk, it feels all natural and like it was just meant to be. I get this image of someone who has known each other for a long time - and since they have, that's probably a good thing. I can also feel Puck's love and I would have even without that hint in book one. It feels real and even though Meghan is quite slow and only realizes it (I won't blame her, whenever one of my friends is in love with me I also never see it before they tell me), in this book, we all knew. I also find him fun and a great character! He have humor and still enough feelings and emotions that I can actually imagine him as a real person. Well, a real faery, but that's another thing. Also, as I said with Ash, he actually believes that Meghan can do something. Or, at least he gives her a chance to prove herself. Instead of saying that she can't even try, he says 'well, then I'll help you'. Maybe that's one of the biggest differences between him and Ash. That he believes in Meghan.

On the list of people I liked are also Ethan, that cute little brother you just want to give a hug, Charles whom I will not talk much of, because he may surprise some, Grimalkin who is just as adorable and fantastic as he was in the first book, Ironhorse who gives me an headache because he screams quite loud inside of my head, but who is still just so adorable (I kind of imagine him as a pink version of the horse from rainbow robot unicorn attack, just without the horn…), so I can't dislike him, and Leansidhe with whom I agree - never pass up an opportunity to go shopping!

There's also the idea behind the iron world. I think it's brilliant. Seriously, I do. If it had just had better main characters, this book could have been so great. Of course, if done great, but I actually think that Kagawa could pull it off. That's probably also why I'm looking forward to her series about Ethan, because so far, I think him adorable, and he would maybe make a good main character. But I digress. The prose is beautiful, though at some points a bit too much. Most of the time, though, it's great and the pacing is okay. Sometimes a bit slow, but at these places Kagawa has put Puck humor and made me laugh, so it's all okay.

After having gone trough all this, I myself understand way more why I have this book three stars. Had Meghan not been the main character (or maybe even if she had not been in love with Ash), and had Ash not been the love interest, it would probably have gotten a higher rating, but right now I can't do much about it. Maybe I'll change it after having read the Iron Queen and the Iron Knight. If I actually end up liking Ash. Let's just see.