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Undercurrent - Tricia Rayburn I would love to give this book five stars. No, I really would. I adored Siren, and had henceforth been looking forward to this book since I closed the last page of Siren. Siren was a memorable book. A book that stayed with me for days, and a book I just had to finish in one stroke because otherwise I was sure the sirens were going to creep up to my house and eat me alive while I was sleeping. It scared me, and it made me jumpy days after.

Undercurrent was every bit as creepy. We get wrapped neatly into Vanessa's life once more - just returned from the summer's horror adventure with Paige and every bit not as ready to move forward as she was before. Vanessa starts seeing Raina and Zara again, even though they should have died last year, and while trying to figure out whether or not they're figments of her own imagination, she's also trying to balance the loss of her sister, the discovery of her family, her background and the fact that she has become a siren.

That all sounds promising enough, I know, I know. So let's jump to it. The thing that annoyed the hell out of me, the thing that irritated me through most of this novel. The love triangle.

Yes, I know what you're thinking 'but didn't Vanessa and Simon end up together in their own happy bubble, ready to go make babies some day?'. Yes. That was what I thought. It has been a while since I read the book, but I was pretty sure that they were all happy and cozy and were going to live their own happy-ever-after. But no. Because Vanessa has to become insecure and instead of telling Simon that 'hey, newsflash, I'm a siren, tadaaah', she decides to keep it to herself. And then Parker comes around… sweet, hot, playboy Parker. I don't even remember now… is Parker his name or does he have a last name? I digress. But Parker comes along. And Vanessa goes all 'oh, he's nice', and then the snowball starts rolling.

The love triangle is so outdone. I was irritated through most of the book, especially after all the times where Parker just showed up, totally convenient. Seriously, I was starting to think he was stalking her, he popped up everywhere! And not only did he pop up everywhere; Vanessa mistakes him for Simon.

Maybe that was what did it for me.

I started skimming every time I saw his name. Seriously, I avoided Parker like the Spanish plague. He irritated me, and the love triangle ruined the book for me. Simon's love probably ruined it a little for me, too. In book one I remember that he at first didn't even want to be together with Vanessa, and then, suddenly, he's all like 'I failed a test because I forgot about it, because you were in my thoughts'. And all the convenient 'now Simon is answering his text messages, calling Vanessa like crazy, seeking her out at the worst possible moment', 'now Vanessa needs Simon so of course he's not answering his cell' was also overdone.

Puh, that was a lot of rant. But please, don't think that this book is all bad. It's not. It still has the same creepy feeling to it that Siren did, and there's still many more mysteries to be uncovered, and things we don't know about the sirens. And there's murders, of course, lot's of them...