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The Locket - Stacey Jay Next year at christmas, I'm not going to wish for a pony. Or a new iPod. Or a new laptop. Nope, I am going to wish for Mitch.

Seriously, he is adorable. Because of him, I want to give this novel five stars already. But I can't. I'm sorry Mitch, but I just can't.

But let's just start with the praise, shall we? Mitch. Mitch is adorable. He is funny, quirky and overall and awesome character. He made me believe he had ben Katie's friend for years, he made me believe he loved her, and, overall, he made me fall in love with him. Seriously. Who doesn't love a guitar-playing, smart, in-a-band, wears-funny-tshirts kind of guy? Who doesn't think that a guy who will play a song he has written for you in front of everybody deserves a chance? Who doesn't think that a guy who actually respects you, who accepts that you are an individual, who accepts that women are equal to men and who loves you for being you, who doesn't want to change you, but think you're perfect just the way you are, must be made of pure awesomeness? Because I do. I found Mitch so cute and so right that it was almost scary. But oh no, he is not flawless! Don't believe that he is flawless! He has flaws alright, lots and lots of them, but they make him a believable character.

And then there's Isaac. Let me just congratulate the author of making Isaac. Isaac was possessive, Isaac was superficial, Isaac valued his sport over his wuman, Isaac didn't threat Katie like an equal (because women can't drive, everybody knows that), he doesn't respect her at all and time after time, ditches her. Katie should have just broken up with him on page one. I wanted her to break up with him all of the time! Of course Isaac has his moments, but overall he let's Katie know who is wearing the pants in the relationship, and that she must just deal with it. But that was also, what made him so perfect. Because I already know from the beginning, that I had to dislike Isaac. Stacey Jay wanted me to dislike him, and I did. So applause!

But... then there's the main character. Katie. Katie, dear Katie, what am I gonna do about you? Okay, let's see. Katie is... a woman who needs a kick in the ass. Seriously, if my boyfriend had treated me like Isaac treats Katie, I would have kicked his ass and told him to go to hell. Their relationship is much like the world - doomed to die, if it weren't for Katie who believes that she can make everything okay. Because she's going to marry her Isaac and live happily ever after. No worries that he is a possessive jerk who treats her more like an object and becomes angry when she doesn't want to sparkle in the stage light, nooo, it's okay, because he lurves her. No biggie that he stands her up more than he actually show up, that he doesn't care about the things that are important to her and that he believes that because he is da man, he can decide everything. Seriously. I wanted to be the locket and not only give her some burnmarkes, but scream at her and kick her in the ass. She needed it. She seriously needed it from the beginning of. But she gets her kick. Believe it or not, she gets it. And in a very unexpected kind of way. Apart from the needing a kick in the butt part, I disliked Katie in the beginning, but I grew to like her. No, she is not perfect, and there were times where I thought her character was being way too selfless and trying too much to be the goody-two-shoes, but well, if she had been perfect, this would have been one very bad book.

The prosa was okay. Mediocre. It wasn't really anything special, but at times it felt forced and it felt like somebody was pushing Katie ahead. The conversations, though, they were awesome. Most of them, anyway. They were both fun and sometimes sad, and they felt like everybody had always known each other, the way it has to feel when you're being dumped in Nashville, Tennessee, in the head of a young teenage girl who has just cheated on her boyfriend.

Then, if I liked the prosa, loved Mitch, understood Isaac, wanted to kick Katie's ass but grew to like her, and the prosa was okay, then how come only four stars? Sounds like a hit, eh?

But no. Actually, there's different reasons for it, but let me tell you! First thing first, the clich├ęs that keep up coming up. Like Rachel Pruitt being a bitch who of course - if you ask Katie - has to be after Isaac, because he was da hot man! And of course she had to be a mean bitch and try to hurt Katie's friend - because of something she apparently has done, but that nobody bothers to tell her about - because that's how mean bitches rule. And she has to look down on Katie for no apparent reason. Because that's what queen bees do. At least, according to Katie, who doesn't even give Rachel a thought when she is proven wrong, because Rachel was anyway just a bitch, huh? But apart from the cliches, there's also the way Katie thinks that makes me give this book four stars instead of five. Because Katie is not a very bright girl. At least she hasn't discovered fire. But what irritated me the most was how she reacted to Isaac having kissed with another girl. He's all like: "Come on, it was just one kiss, no biggie", while she is getting angry at him. Yeah, because she had to go back in time, Isaac was the one who made the mistake, not her, but it is not okay when he does it. No second chances, even though she had to go back in time to get a second chance, nope, no, iee, nein. Doesn't matter how she almost kissed Mitch a few nights earlier, or that she keeps on flirting with him, and that she kissed him at that party in the first place. Also, how she kisses Isaac, then breaks up with him and then almosts expects Mitch who had his heart broken while on scene at her birthdayparty to come back to her, made me angry .